Touch-Free & Sanitary

The revolutionary AeroGlove® poly glove dispenser opens gloves with a puff of air, allowing you to insert your hand without touching the glove work surface.

Easy to Use

Just pass your hand over the motion sensor, insert your hand into the glove and get to work! Our automated dispenser system is incredibly efficient and encourages employees to change gloves frequently, decreasing cross-contamination and boosting customer confidence.

Multiple Applications

The AeroGlove® system is ideal for food preparation and serving, convenience store and bakery self-serve items, pet care/boarding, automotive care, and more. It is also a great solution for restrooms, ensuring that employees and customers don’t re-contaminate their hands by touching dirty door handles.

“In my 40 years of restaurant experience, few new products have impressed me as much as AeroGlove®. We have been using the dispenser for about 6 months and our employees love it! "
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Ken Balkin
Owner, Ella’s Deli – Madison, WI


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