AeroGlove® Uses

AeroGlove® is a patented glove dispenser that opens the gloves for you with a puff of air, allowing you to put a glove on without touching anything after you have washed your hands. This patented dispenser helps protect you and your customers from cross contamination.

Keep items and yourself both clean and sanitary

The AeroGlove® automated glove dispenser is great for:
• Food Service Kitchens
• Quick Service Locations
• Restaurants
• Restrooms (handle contamination)
• Doctor / Dental Offices
• Hospitals
• Liquid Handling
• First Aid Locations

Easy to mount to any location

The AeroGlove® is great for anywhere you need sanitary conditions and reduce the opportunity of cross contamination from hard surfaces. The AeroGlove® dispenser can be mounted on a pedestal for use in lobbies and entry ways. The dispenser can also be mounted on the wall both vertically or horizontally, mounted with the hand entry facing up or down, left or right. The AeroGlove® can also be placed on the counter for easy access and portability.

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