Frequently Asked Questions about AeroGlove®

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the AeroGlove® automated poly glove dispenser.

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What type of batteries do I need for the unit?
Eight (8) "D" Cell batteries

How long will the batteries last?
Approximately 30,000 activations.

Can I use a wall outlet to power the unit?
Yes. An optional AC power adapter can be purchased separately.

Can I use large and medium glove stacks in the same dispenser unit?

Why won't the blower turn on when I pass my hand over the sensor?
Check to make sure the batteries are installed correctly.

The air and fan work when I pass my hand over the sensor, but the glove doesn’t inflate.
Make sure the glove pack is installed correctly and that the fan opening is not obstructed. It can also be helpful to fold a crease down the middle of the glove pack prior to installing.

The glove pack will not stay in the dispenser.
Verify that the cardboard pack is not damaged and that the retaining clips are not broken.

How do I mount the dispenser unit?
The AeroGlove® dispenser has holes built into the back of the unit for mounting. A mounting template and hardware are included. Pedestal mounting is available upon request.

My question isn’t answered here.
No problem! You can reach out to us at 608.524.4341, fill out the contact form below, or email us at


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